Lizelle Nolte, lactation consultant in Kimberley, Northern Cape. Helping mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding
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BabyWombWorld Petite Portable Single Electric Breast Pump


Why choose the BabyWombWorld Petite Breast Pump?

Breastfeeding is the best feeding option for your baby. But all moms will from time to time need to leave baby with someone else. Whether you are going back to work or planning a well-deserved evening out, you will need to express milk for baby to drink as well as to keep your milk supply going. A good quality breast pump will enable you to do this easily and effectively.

For successful expressing you need a breast pump that is able to provide suction that is fast and strong enough to properly stimulate and empty your breasts. Ideally the pump should also have different flange size options, and spare parts available. Most on-the-shelf breast pumps do not offer these features. And  many mothers simply cannot afford a good breast pump that fulfills these requirements. The BabyWombWorld Petite aims to bridge this gap.


3D SUCTION TECHNOLOGY – The BabyWombWorld Petite comes with our signature 3D suction expressing kit. The soft silicone flange moulds to the breast during vacuum and gently squeeze and massage the nipple, instead of just pulling it into the tunnel. Not only does most mothers find this technology to be more comfortable, but they also experience increased milk volumes.

FLANGE SIZE OPTIONS – Our bodies are unique, and not all moms have the same nipple size. And yet many breast pumps only offer one flange size. The BabyWombWorld Petite is issued with a 21mm flange, but 25mm and 29mm flanges are available at an affordable rate.

SPARE PARTS – Talking about affordable rates, BabyWombWorld’s breast pump parts are more affordable than most other brands. BabyWombWorld carries spares for all the wearable parts and you can easily obtain these from us.

ADVANCED TOUCH PANEL TECHNOLOGY – BabyWombWorld Breast Pumps have a digital touch screen, displaying information such as the suction phase (stimulating or expressing), suction level (select your personal comfort).

SMALL SIZE – The BabyWombWorld Petite will fit into the palm of your hand, making it easy to travel with.

AUTOMATIC CONTROL – The 2-phase expression starts off with a short, quick sucking rhythm to stimulate a let-down reflex and get your milk flowing. The pump can then be changed to a slow regular rhythm to express milk. Suction strengths for both these phases can be adapted with a simple up/down function.

BUILD-IN LITHIUM BATTERY – Simply plug it in to charge (USB Charger), and then express wherever you are without needing to worry over a plug-point or batteries. This is a quality that you won’t fully appreciate until you’ve gone through months of expressing, having to struggle every time to find a power source.

Note: The BabyWombWorld Petite is a single breast pump. Double pumping is a valuable feature for mothers who are back at work, or who need to express under time constraints. The BabyWombWorld Double Electric Breast Pump would still be the flagship pump for this purpose.


Lizelle Nolte, lactation consultant in Kimberley, Northern Cape. Helping mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding

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