Lizelle Nolte, dietitian and lactation consultant in Kimberley, Northern Cape.

Lizelle Nolte | SACLC and IBCLC lactation consultant

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I qualified from the University of the Free State as a Dietitian in 2011 (B.Sc. Dietetics) and have been working in government hospitals ever since. As a large portion of the patients I treated were children with malnutrition, I gained great respect for the impact adequate feeding and more specific breastfeeding can have in a child’s life.

Lizelle Nolte lactation consultant. Lactation consulting sessions in Kimberley Northern Cape. All things nutrition and breastfeeding

This motivated me to first qualify myself as a South African Certified Lactation Consultant and later as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The more I studied, the more I realized the massive benefit we give our babies by breastfeeding them.

I am currently working in the Neonatology unit and Neonatal ICU in Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe hospital in Kimberley, where I get to help hundreds of mothers lay a solid foundation for growth by getting breastfeeding established. On the day that baby is delivered, not only a baby is born, but also a Mother, who requires just as much support and encouragement to grow into her new role. I believe that each mom’s breastfeeding experience is unique and it is my privilege to stand beside her to support where I can and to give her the confidence needed to thrive in this journey called motherhood.


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Lizelle Nolte, lactation consultant in Kimberley, Northern Cape. Helping mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding

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